Internet Acronyms and Slang Phrases

Internet Acronyms and Slang Phrases Every Parent Should Know

Submitted by on June 29, 2015 06:07:58pm

Sure you were cool once but that, according to your teen, was around the time brontosauruses still roamed the earth. Most parents of teenage children will know that communication is tough at the best of times, but if you aren’t even using the same vocabulary, things could be twice as confusing. Here are a few phrases and internet acronyms that should help to level the playing field a little.

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Do Our Children Get Too Much Homework

Do our Children Get too much Homework?

Submitted by on June 25, 2015 04:40:14pm

Overloaded children suffer from anxiety and fatigue that many think is counterproductive and bad for their health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, an increasingly competitive academic culture and jobs market mean children have to push themselves further to succeed.

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Water safety rules

Water Safety Rules Every Child Should Know

Submitted by on June 22, 2015 04:30:42pm

pic by Ed Garcia Summer is here and your children will want to be playing in the water. Whether you are at the beach, lake or backyard pool, teaching your family water safety rules will help to keep them safe. Children between 1-4 years old and men from 15-44 are at the greatest risk of […]

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Skills Checklist for First Grade

Skills Checklist for First Grade

Submitted by on June 18, 2015 07:14:24am

Is your child headed for ‘big school’? Give them a positive experience in their new school and help to build their confidence by equipping them with the skills they need to shine. Whether they have attended kindergarten or not, first graders are expected to have certain skills before they arrive in the classroom. Use this summer to hone these skills so your child is ready when the school year starts.

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Best Apps For Game Based Learning

Best Apps for Game-based Learning

Submitted by on June 15, 2015 05:45:34pm

Over the summer holidays, kids can lose up to 30% of the academic gains they made in the previous year. Put an end to the summer slide by encouraging learning through play with these incredible apps.

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What You Should Know About Flipped Classrooms

What You Should Know About Flipped Classrooms

Submitted by on June 11, 2015 07:29:42pm

A flipped classroom is a new teaching method that is showing great results and growing ever more popular. The model focuses on student participation and active learning which helps to reinforce new concepts and gives students a practical application to the theories they have learned.

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How do you Motivate Students?

Submitted by on June 9, 2015 01:13:41pm

What motivates your child? It’s not IQ actually, its grit, confidence and attitude. Every child can learn and if you think your child isn’t fulfilling their potential, you need to ask yourself: “How do I motivate them?”

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Are private schools better than public schools

Are Private Schools Better than Public Schools?

Submitted by on June 8, 2015 05:51:45pm

The pervasive consensus is that a private school education is better for our children than one provided by a public school. But is this really true? Private school do a much better job of marketing themselves but recent studies suggested that private schools don’t offer the advantages we assume they would.

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Bad grades We have the solution

Bad Grades? We’ve Got the Solution

Submitted by on June 4, 2015 02:25:34pm

Exams are just about done and the long summer break stretches out before us with just one last hurdle to overcome; report cards. For some, bad grades can put pressure on students and parents alike. Every child can learn, but some need to learn differently than others and you may need to change course if the traditional classroom setup is not helping your child to achieve their goals.

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Summer slide blog 1

What Parents Should Know about the Summer Slide

Submitted by on June 1, 2015 06:13:13pm

Over the summer students experience a loss of the academic gains they made over the previous year called the summer slide. Our brains really are like muscles, and when we don’t exercise them, they tend to lose their form. Math formulas are forgotten, new vocabulary lost and the summer slide puts students a little further back each year.

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