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Online Tutors, E-Tutoring Services – Tutor Doctor

There’s no question that the need for tutoring services in our society today has continued to escalate. Students in countries around the world are continuing to experience increasing academic pressures as competition in the classroom grows and expectations within school systems continue to expand.

Tutor Doctor has developed a unique in-home tutoring service to meet the needs of today’s students (as well as adults), and will meet this expanding market need through its growing network of franchisees.

In his recent book, The World is Flat, (which has been on the NY Times best seller list now for over 100 weeks), Thomas Friedman discusses how the way we do business in our world is changing and what was once referred to as international business or international travel, today is just a mouse click away. Tutor Doctor has harnessed many of Friedman’s principles in the development of its business model, and e-Tutoring and distance learning represent the next logical step in realizing the company’s vision.

In 2008, Tutor Doctor added to its in-home tutoring services by releasing its new e-tutoring platform which provides a new way to deliver tutoring services, regardless of the location of the tutor or the student. This system empowers our franchisees to make a further difference in the lives of students and families.

We have the technology and ability to reach (any one), (any where), any time! Students can work from the comfort of his/her desk, in his/her own room while the tutor can be providing tutoring services from his/her home, office, or classroom across the road or across the world. We can reach out to those in rural areas and provide expert tutors that would never have been available to students otherwise.